Scum and Villainy of the Old Republic

Return of the Nexu
The end of the Cholganna vacation.

Surgically implanted detonite and poison canister inside of the Wavelength Gale Captain.
Picked up Nand from Ryloth.
Bought a few things.
Lured Bobuchul into interrogation room with Gale Captain while Mandos unloaded Nexu from ship.
Got everyone but Bob out of room, detonite explodes, also poisons Bob.
Bob Surges to group hiding in stairwell.
Dia’gnosa is summoned.
Both die. Mandos show up and do nothing because their employer is dead.

On Cholganna, no one can hear you get slowly eaten by Nexu. Unless they are next to you also being eaten. And even then, they probably are listening to their own screaming and the crunch of a hundred teeth on bone.

Under new orders from Black Sun, Operative Koyi Freeta and company are sent to Cholganna of the Outer Rim to collect Nexu. These orders came from the Enforcer Neelig Horza Bobuchul (Bob), Koyi’s boss. He’s hired many Mandalorian Bodyguards and has two outside his office, and four inside, each of which held an E-Web. He drinks and smokes. He also sold Koyi a Ghtroc 720 Freighter with a 25% discount. Fah’tagn bought a Czerka Adventurer and practiced enough to disassemble/reassemble it in a swift action instead of a move action during the trip to Cholganna. The ship was loaded with six electronic cages for Nexu and HK-51 joined to watch over the crew.

Utini landed Xenocurrency (the ship) in a clearing near a signal tower and the group went looking for Nexu. They found a trap that Jerrek triggered, and Koyi disarmed for later use. They climbed a ridge and then Jerrek triggered a more lively trap. Before getting a chance to attack a giant carnivorous plant, he was grabbed and promptly swallowed (fuck yeah, GM rolling 20s all day). The paralyzing saliva prevented him from lightsabering out. Everyone took turns shooting it until he was released and the plant dead. The Rodian took some of its poison in a vial. They moved on to a flooded river. The Rodian swam across like a boss and tied his rope to a tree after it was tied on the other side. The rest of the group grabbed on but failed at swimming. Instead, Fah’tagn cut the rope on his side throwing them all to the shore on the other side.

Following animal cries, they located a Katarn and a Nexu fighting in a clearing. Having the jump on them, they were able to stun the Nexu into unconsciousness and Jerrek fried the weakened Katarn with lightning. They moved southward following more cries and after narrowly dodging another piranha plant, stumbled upon five Nexu, two of which were weakened from traps. One still have a Nexu trap attached to one of its legs. A stun grenade from Utini started the battle, and they easily stunned them all into unconsciousness. HK flying the ship, they were able to move them into the cages which were then tractor-beamed back into the ship. HK didn’t wait and landed the ship again, not waiting for everyone to board.

The Rodian swam like a boss again (Jerrek Force Jumped it) and used his rope to drag everyone back. He and Fah’tagn climbed like bosses and everyone else climbed like blind deaf comatose lobotomy patients, but then caught themselves and landed on their feet like bosses. They stealthed into the trees bordering the clearing where the ship landed seeing one man standing in front of the ship. Fah’tagn climbed up the signal tower after Jerrek gave him “Gungan” as the safety word. Jerrek walked up to the man and found out there were several more surrounding the ship’s cockpit. He talked to him and found out they were Wavelength Gale smugglers trying to steal their Nexu and ship, and also failed an intimidation roll. After bitchslapping Jerrek (fuck yeah, GM 20s), Jerrek called him a Gungan. And thus the rape fest began. Sniping from Fah’tagn, a missile launcher from Koyi, gunslinging from the Rodian, and Force Gripping/lightsabering from Jerrek. Jerrek was the only visible target the whole time, because of lolstealthrolls. Coincidentally, Jerrek failed his intimidation roll because the smuggler saw himself as greatly advantaged. Yet, seconds later, he and his companions were dead.

The smuggler boss, a commando, was tough as nails. He withstood many attacks, used his second wind, dodged, bled, fired at Jerrek, took a hit from impatient HK using the ship’s turbolasers, and still had to be hit twice more to be knocked unconscious. The Rodian took him on board, rusted a screwdriver with water and a lightsaber, and began dismembering the commando who unluckily found the strength to become conscious again.

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